Whetter at Loch Ness

Dr James Whetter
at Loch Ness


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A British Hero - 20 inc P&P


Christopher St. John Sprigg aka Christopher Caudwell, Marxist philosopher, writer and poet, killed in the Spanish Civil War in February 1937, has until now only been written about as a political and literary phenomenon. In this new work, produced near the 75th anniversary of his death, the Cornish historian James Whetter, for whom Caudwell was an inspiration and model from the time of his student days, appraises him as a human being in his family and historical context. Like his literary forerunners, however, he concludes with them that, despite his philosophy being outmoded today, fighting for justice and humanity in his time, he is a worthy hero, a British patriot and talented writer who will continue to be an inspiration in this century.